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EMS is the future of fitness, and it just landed in Abbotsford. Get a full-body workout with low-impact sessions, only 20 minutes a week – no heavy lifting required!
For the month of July Kickoff sessions will be free!
EMS is the future of fitness, and it just landed in Abbotsford. Get a full-body workout with low impact sessions, only 20 minutes a week.
For the month of July Kickoff sessions will be free!
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The future of Fitness:

Whole-Body EMS

In everyday life our brain sends electrical signals to the muscles via the nerves, this is what makes our muscles contract. Since the brain is only sending signals to the minimum amount of muscles required to complete the task, some muscles are neglected. With our WB-EMS training we can efficiently target over 90% of muscle fibres in a short 20 min session by bypassing the brain. We send low voltage electrical impulses with externally applied electrodes that can contract the muscles the same way they would under heavy load, without weights! Our Whole Body EMS workouts consist of pairing the electrodes and a specifically designed workout routine that utilizes movements from conventional exercises like squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, etc. The combination of the two is what gives you the ability to amplify your potential!

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Without knowing where to start working out with weights and equipment can not only be dangerous but also very discouraging. With WB-EMS training we can build an excellent foundation without risk of injury from lifting weights incorrectly. Our trainers will guide you through a personalized workout that’s not only safe but extremely effective!


Have you plateaued? Are you struggling to gain that something extra on your opponents? Is your performance lacking due to previous injuries? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these, then look no further! WB-EMS not only provides your muscles with a whole new stimulus, but we can also favour fast twitch muscle fibres which are very difficult to stimulate in conventional training techniques.


At age 30 our muscle mass will begin to decrease due to a variety of factors such as decreased metabolism and inactivity, and the rate at which muscle decreases - increases as we age. Sarcopenia is a condition that many elderly people in our population are faced with, but good news we can reverse sarcopenia with WB-EMS training! Since there are no external loads (weights) on our joints our training techniques are a safe method to maintain or even build strength as we age.

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